Dining in AYA’s Lounge


Visual appeal is something we take very seriously at AYA Street and you can anticipate more than just exquisitely presented food during your visit. Our venue is adorned with artwork created by worldwide artists. Further intensifying the optical allure of our quirky Peruvian food paradise is the furniture you see inside the venue, from the walls to the floors to the ceilings. 

Wall-Adorned Masterpieces from Global Artists

The attention of our guests is grasped by the paintings, murals and graffiti that embellishes the walls. You will be exposed to the work of “D*Face”, a.k.a. Dean Stockton. Responsible for Blink-182’s California album cover art, D*Face has held numerous sell-out exhibitions, including Eyecons.

Hand-Finished Furnishings Add to AYA’s Allure

Although the concept of AYA is to build on the brand Peru, our interior design remains reflective of the country in which we chose to open our restaurant - Indonesia. The Japanese-burned wood teak columns that make up the bar area were carved by hand in a Javanese village. Stained blue by acid, the copper panels were also given a personal finishing touch. Notice the interesting texture, produced by hammering the metal more than 200,000 times.

Despite its diversity, Peruvian cuisine is heavily influenced by inhabitants of aquatic environments. AYA mirrors this in the bar area’s fish scale tile design. Hand-cut and individually placed onto the walls, these glass tiles are a spectrum of azure-like shades, which enhances the turquoise copper panels. Adding to the outlandish interior design is, of course, the artwork.
The Chef
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