About us
Peruvian cuisine encompasses some of the world's most palatable flavours. AYA Street was built upon the idea of bringing Peru’s rich culture to the "Island of the Gods", better known as Bali. Claiming the title of Bali's first Peruvian restaurant, AYA is more than just a dining venue. We believe everybody who walks through AYA's doors should benefit from the experience, which is why we strive to showcase the talents of global artists. In addition to this, guests can appreciate the amalgam of awe-inspiring masterpieces that embellish our walls, all the while knowing that they are dining in accordance with Fair Trade policies.


Launched with the intention of bringing modern Peruvian gastronomy to the forefront of Bali’s food scene, AYA's overall design is inspired by South America. However, the diversity of our showcasing space brings elements of different cultures into the AYA experience. The sound of live music fills the air inside our plush venue, which is the foundation of a developing brand that highlights everything Peru.

The Mission

Our attentive team of waiters and waitresses are local Balinese people. Aside from supporting the community through hiring Indonesian members of staff, we also pride ourselves on giving something back. A percentage of our sales are distributed amid numerous local charities and education projects. After all, we believe everybody deserves the chance to have a good education. Not only do we aim to support the local community through donating a portion of our sales but also, AYA invites business owners to promote their brand.services at the brand merchandising area.

AYA’s Concept

The specialty dishes you see on the menu are created with the freshest organic materials, which is noticeable in AYA’s distinctive tastes. Peruvian gastronomy is dished up at the Show Bar, where a sous chef can be seen putting his culinary skills to the ultimate test. Before you sit at the bar or lounge area, raise a toast on the terrace and sample cold tapas.  
Street Art Gallery